Danys Targaryen Fleet, GoT Season 6

These are some concepts I did for the fleet at the end of season 6. I was asked to base all the designs on the ship set that's been used since season 2(?) so it made for quite a challenge to make each ship look unique. Pleased with the overal result though

Kieran belshaw dothraki daenerys shipsideprows v007

Side View of Dothraki and Dany's Flagship

Kieran belshaw dothraki daenerys shipsideprows v003

Earlier version with Gold Dragon prow as in episode

Kieran belshaw danyflagship front v006

Front view of Flagship

Kieran belshaw dothraki shipfront v005

Front view of Dothraki ship

Kieran belshaw ironborn shipfront v001

Front view of Ironborn ship

Kieran belshaw ironborn greyjoyship sea v003

Side view Iron Born

Kieran belshaw dothraki ship sea v005

Side view Dothraki

Kieran belshaw slavers ship catapult front v004

Front View Slaver ship concept