Tyrion - final episode

Concepts for key scenes with Tyrion in the final episode, the ruined Red Keep Map, Skull room and the Dragonpit

Kieran belshaw redkeepmap destroyed v008copy

Tyrion on his search for his siblings walks over the ruined map

Kieran belshaw skullroomep6 wide1 v004ascopy

Tyrion reaches the Skull room and spots something in the rubble, final approved version

Kieran belshaw brokenskull side front v002

destroyed Balerion skull, front and side

Kieran belshaw brokenskull top v001

Balerion skull top

Kieran belshaw brokenskull overall v001
Kieran belshaw dragonpit oldpergola v010copy

Dragonpit Council of Lords, early version using old Pergola design

Kieran belshaw dragonpit newbasicpergola v013ascopy

Dragonpit Council of Lords, final version with new tent design