The Dragonpit

This and Dragonstone were the two key sections I was heavily involved in for season 7. A lot of planning was needed as this was the first time we've seen so many characters together. It was important for the DoP and Director nothing blocked the views of actors, it was very tricky getting the layout of the pergola right. Also the look of the dome was important to the shows creators David and Dan.

Kieran belshaw dragonpit fordome v007

The final approved design, but they used my earlier version in the end!

Kieran belshaw dragonpit fordome v005

This is an earlier version of the dome design and the one used for the episode

Kieran belshaw dragonpit

screengrab of how the dome looks in the episode, if i find a higher res image i'll put it up!

Kieran belshaw dragonpit entrance v009

Final Version of the entrance

Kieran belshaw dragonpit newlayout v009

Daenerys makes her entrance!

Kieran belshaw dragonpit pergola view v009

The pergola layout for the scene. It was important for director Jeremy Podeswa to figure out the whole layout as so many actors are in the scene, was great to see they pretty much used the layout as I planned it :)