Terminator Dark Fate

A selection of concepts I did for the new Terminator film working with Production Designer Sonja Klaus.

Kieran belshaw gracearrival topview bridge arches v005

Concept for Grace Arrival sequence, bridge design

Kieran belshaw gracearrival topview bridge arches2ndshot v006

Grace falls from bridge

Kieran belshaw grace teenagerarrest alt v002

Stumbles across cops arresting a teenager

Kieran belshaw grace teenagerarrest oppview v001

Gets into fight with the cops

Kieran belshaw borderpatrol detentioncenter v002

Border Patrol Detention Center

Kieran belshaw bingham airbase v002

Bingham Airbase

Kieran belshaw ext car factory v006

Car factory

Kieran belshaw dam rocks v04

Dam Rocks

Kieran belshaw med room layout a v007

Future med room

Kieran belshaw turbinehall explosiondamage v002

early concept for final showdown, using 3D by Julian Caldow