The Red Keep Tower

Working closely with Production Designer Deb Riley and Director Miguel Sapochnik I went through a natural evolution of designing the Red Keep Tower space to be used for the fight 'arena' between The Hound and The Mountain and for plenty of destruction!! Hope you enjoyed!

Kieran belshaw redkeep towerspiralstairs destruction v003copy

Final Concept for Red Keep Tower destruction

Kieran belshaw redkeep towerstairway maya v001

I started trying out many versions of 3D in Maya, Miguel the director eventually asked for a more Oval design so that the tower had room for landings making space for the fight

Kieran belshaw redkeep towerstairway testrenders v001

Early test renders in Keyshot to establish the look, it was important to keep a 'Red Keep' style with the pillars etc.

Kieran belshaw redkeeptower roof crosssection v002copy

This was a cross section I made to help the vfx team understand the design of the tower

Kieran belshaw redkeeptower destructionext v002copy

This was an earlier version of the exterior destruction but Miguel thought it was too over the top

Kieran belshaw redkeeptower destructionext v003copy

Final approved version of the exterior