The Skull Room - Cersei and Jaime meet their end

I produced a series of concepts for the sequence where Cersei and Jaime Lannister have their final moments in the Red Keep. For Miguel the Director of this episode it was important to clearly show their route was blocked and to have enough lighting to view the space but also illustrate the doom of their situation.

Kieran belshaw skullroom ep5 cersei jaime v004acopy

Jaime and Cersei pass the large Dragon skull we saw from season 7 as they try to make their escape

Kieran belshaw maya renders v001

Here's my 3D and test renders

Kieran belshaw skullroomep5 mainrubbleview03 v005copy

They discover the way is blocked

Kieran belshaw skullroomep5 mainrubbleview01 v004copy

Close up view of the blocked Arch

Kieran belshaw skullroomep5 rubbledoorwayfinale v002copy

They move round to another arch before embracing for the last time, I preferred the subtle lighting of this version but Miguel and the DOP Fabian wanted more of a glow

Kieran belshaw skullroomep5 rubbledoorwayfinale v005copy

Final approved Concept