Red Keep Gate, Dany's view

This concept for a major scene in the Final episode went through a lengthy process of versions, I worked closely with Production Designer Deb Riley and David & Dan. The image required everything you could think of - Daenerys looking down the steps we designed through the ruined gate, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, the ruins of the Red Keep outer walls, Kings landing on fire with plenty of smoke and snow/ash. A lot to include in one image and make it work! A key issue for D&D was that it should really feel like Daenerys was looking down over the city, making her look powerful and dominant, the triumphant conqueror!

Kieran belshaw redkeepgate danysview v014copy

Final version of Concept

Kieran belshaw daenerys targaryen dothraki unsullied kings landing season 8 806

A frame of how the final shot looks in the Episode

Kieran belshaw redkeepgate danysview gif v004

Here's a little Gif to give an idea of the process of versions I worked through to the final Concept approved by David and Dan

Kieran belshaw redkeep gatestairway testrenders v001

The rough 3d geometry I worked with in Maya, I used zbrush to get a quick sense of destroyed structures and would render in Keyshot

Kieran belshaw redkeepgate danysview v008acopy

One of the earlier versions for comparison