The Ruined Throne Room

The Ruined Throne Room was a major design project. Working collaboratively with Production Designer Deb Riley, DoP Jonathan Freeman and VR specialists from The Third Floor we came up with the design you see in the episode! The VR was fantastic as you could explore the environment first hand! It was extra an difficult task as the secrecy for this scene was so high, only small nuggets of information could be passed between us and you'd have to be careful who saw your work!

Kieran belshaw throneroom destroyed v008copy

Final approved Concept for the ruined Throne Room

Kieran belshaw throneroom destroyed gif v001

A little step by step showing 3D to final version

Kieran belshaw 3dthroneroom destroyedcg v001

Working with 2 VR specialists from 'Third Floor' and the DoP Jonathan Freeman a 3D visualization was made of the environment which I used as part of my concept

Kieran belshaw throneroom destroyedscreengrabs v001

Couple of angles of how it looked in the end! :)

Kieran belshaw ruinedthroneroom v007

The Producers liked the idea of having the final meeting of the Houses in this environment, but D&D chose to have it in the Dragonpit from season 7, this was still a useful exercise for us to explore how the Throne Room could look

Kieran belshaw ruinedthroneroom v009