Drogon and Jon Face off

For this sequence in the Final episode, Jon is on his way to the Throne room to confront Daenerys, on the way he discovers Drogon hidden in the snow. These were 2 key shots to establish how the surrounding set and environment would look and to consider the camera angles. Respect to DoP Jonathan Freeman and the vfx team who did a lovely job on this scene!

Kieran belshaw redkeep drogonsleeping v004copy

Drogon asleep hidden in the snow

Kieran belshaw jons drogonsleeping v003 148

The original simple geometry rendered in Keyshot

Kieran belshaw jons drogonfaceoff v002copy

Drogon faces Jon

Kieran belshaw screenshot 2019 05 21 at 14 55 00

How the shot looked in the Episode

Kieran belshaw jons drogonfaceoff v001a

simple geometry rendered in Keyshot