Red Keep Gate Development

The Red Keep Main gate plays a pivotal role in the final episode of Game of Thrones where Daenerys gives her victory speech to her army. At first this gate house was just going to function as a go between for characters and Dany would give her speech elsewhere, here you can see some of the process I went through to design the Gatehouse in relation to how it would look ruined, the Citadel of Aleppo in Syria was one of the inspirations for the design.
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Kieran belshaw redkeep gate wide postburn v007copy

Final version of the Ruined Red Keep and Main Gate

Kieran belshaw redkeep gatedevelopment v001

Early on based on D&D's feedback and script we werent sure whether the gate should have a bridge or stairs, we stuck with bridge over a moat with many designs. Deb liked the idea of a curved bridge

Kieran belshaw redkeep gate crosssectionss v002

Here I was exploring the logistics of the build for the set.

Kieran belshaw redkeep gate wide postburn v004

At this stage we still thought it would be a bridge design leading into the gate

Kieran belshaw rendersredkeep gate stepsbridge 2flights v002copy

Moving through new versions myself and Deb working with Miguel and D&D had decided we would use stairs, at first Deb wanted to explore a balcony design until we quickly realized they needed to be thrown out to simplify the look.

Kieran belshaw redkeepgate new largerversion v006copy

Final version of complete Main gate, you only really see the back of it or in the background of shots in its complete form